Employee ID Password
Welcome to your Payroll Records Repository at MYPAYSTUB.info.

Your login user ID consists of (in all lower case)
   - The first letter of your first name
   - The first three letters of your last name (or first two if you have a 2-letter last name)
   - The last four numbers of your social security number.

Upon first login:
   - Your initial password is the same as your user ID.
   - You will be prompted to change your password and to choose (and answer) a security question.
   - Once your password has been changed, you will be asked to log back in using your new password.

If you forget your password:
   - Enter your user ID, and press the 'forgot password' button.
   - You will be asked to answer the security question you chose at first sign on.
   - When your security question has been correctly answered, your password will be reset to match your user ID.
   - Log In using your User ID as your password and you may create a new password and security question and answer.

If you need assistance with logging into the system, please contact us at: (585) 777 – 6494.